Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daybreakers - More emo vampires?

After watching the previews for Daybreakers, I wasn't expecting anything special from this movie.  And that's good, because I certainly didn't get anything special.  I liked the idea of the movie - a world where vampires are the norm, and humans have been hunted to near extinction.  It did a good job of giving us that world - from commercials to the subwalk (to walk around during the day) to car conversions for daytime driving (totally blackened windows and cameras to see where you are going), it sold that well.  But after thinking about this movie, I was left with one pressing question.

Why the heck are all the vampires today little whiney crybabies?

But aside from that question, the move was exactly as advertised.  I'm a huge Ethan Hawke fan.  I'm not a fan of Sam Neill.  Willem Dafoe can go either way for me.  I like vampire and "ruined earth" movies.  But the movie just didn't seem to come together very well.  It went very slowly through unimportant parts, lingering on details and plot devices that didn't go anywyere - and then it would fly through the important parts, passing on any real character or main plot development.  Seemed a bit disjointed.

The bottom line - the movie was pretty much what was advertised.  They never advertised coherency, and the movie suffered for its lack.  But it was passably entertaining.