Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Bad News and the Worse News

The bad news is that there is a writers strike going on...and my beloved TV is affected. I watched videos on the whole argument and I have to say - it seems like the writers deserve more. In fact, I can't see how the big networks can argue against it - after they took the cut in the 80s. The whole internet media thing - yes, I think the writers deserve a cut of the ad profits from their work being played over the internet. No, I do not believe it to be "promotional" as the networks state. I see the point. I don't know how this will resolve...if the networks think they can do it without the writers and the writers are sticking to their guns. It does certainly seem like they are at a stand still - and a Strike was necessary. That said. I hate it. Don't mess with my TV. I don't really care how much money any of the Hollywood types make - unless they are somehow paying me. I just want me little box to show my shows. That is very uncaring, I know. My fear is that the networks will start airing reality TV all the time...and the American public will watch huge numbers they will watch it...and this mess will change the face of television. There are too many people who are not discerning in the television viewing...that just watch whatever is placed in front of them no matter what. I just want to scream...NOOOOOOOO! No resolution in site...I'm thinking I'll probably read more.

Now, the worse news. My beloved TV is changing...and..and, I can only go to kid movies- and kid movies are not that great. Bee movie was okay. It was Jerry...all Jerry. If you like Jerry, you like the Bee Movie, I like Jerry, so I liked it. The animation: good. The rest of it...okay. This weekend, I took the kiddies to see Fred Claus. Yikes. First I should tell you that I fell DEAD asleep. I mean DEAD asleep in the middle of it...good thing my sister was there to be the awake adult. Really? Paul Giamatti? Really? Wow. It just wasn't good -it was barely cute. I like Vince Vaughn..and really, he couldn't sell me that stuff. I'm so sad that this is what I'm paying for at the movies. One of my movies friends recently told me that this was the best year in movies in a long time - lots of quality - lots of films to love. When my friend listed the favorites/best of the year, I hadn't seen even one of them. I'm really not the pop culture freak I want to be.