Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the So-So

Yay! I had a week (really 5 days) of movie watching. With kids parents in town, I took some time to do some movie watching... In 4 days I watched:

National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Guilty pleasure - I love it for what it bubble gum. Loved the first. This one is EXACTLY like the first - so I loved the second. Guilty pleasure GOODness

- Interesting, good performances - the pie names and creations were a riot. I love Keri Russell - so, this one is definitely GOOD

Juno - This is probably my favorite movie that I have seen all year. Fierce biting sarcastic wit with as fierce a sappy heart...the script rocked! The performances were stellar. This will make a Ellen Page a star. Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Michael Cera amazing. Indie all the way. I loved this film. This one is the Good-est.

27 Dresses - Caught this at a sneak preview. Let me preface my comments by stating two things. 1) I am a girl. 2) I really like James Marsden and Kathryn Heigl. This movie is Chick Flick Extraordinaire. Predictable? Yes! Cutsey? Yes! Over-the-top Relationship-y? Yes! From start to finish - it is 100% Girl movie. No hiding it - no masking it with manly characters (not a manly man to be found) or a sub-plot that could keep the husbands/boyfriends attention. All the men are sensitive types - all the women want to get married. I loved it. Please refer to item number #1 above if this confuses you. James Marsden has been one of my favorites since his Ally McBeal days - I just love that he can sing. And Kathryn Heigl is one of my favorites since her Roswell days, Knocked Up notwithstanding. Yeah, this one is all girly GOODness.

PS I Love You - Please remember item number 1 from above. Hilary Swank and the Phantom of the Opera and Harry and much goodness. It is a little weird to have a scene in karoake bar with both Harry Connick, Jr and Nellie McKay - great and fabulous singers - not singing. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you'll always be Denny to me. I like it. Its a chick flick that trying to be different - and I like that. Ireland looks beautiful in this film. Definitely a GOOD effort.

Amazing Grace - This movie was different than I thought. It is the story of William Wilberforce and his decades long attempts to abolish the slave trade in England. Very interesting..performances good. It is a little distracting to see the new Dumbledore do anything else - but Michael Gambon was still good. It is a slower movie - the pacing was fine - the storytelling good. It is just a movie about politics - so it feels "slower" than all of the other movies I saw in my marathon - even slower than Waitress - that was a pretty quiet movie. Still - such a good story - strong moral compass and my favorite line of my movie marathon: "I don't know that I found God, I think he found me." - or something like that. GOOD

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - I like Adam Sandler. I like Kevin James. This movie made me chuckle - twice...and mostly I would say "eh" of this one. The gay gags didn't seem so funny to me. It wasn't that fun to me. All around: So-So

The Water Horse - perhaps it was my mood, perhaps it was the distracting children all around me, perhaps it was that this was one of the last viewed after so many - but I did not like this movie and it crawled along for me...and slower than a snails pace. You see the whole movie in the trailer - boy finds an egg with a magic water horse in it - he hides it from his mother - water horse grows to enormous size and is put in lake - people are mean to it and it goes a little crazy. This movie could not be over fast enough...and you couldn't pay me to watch it again - even if cute Ben Chaplin is in it. Left a BAD tast in my mouth