Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympics Redux

Confession--I am sitting watching the Closing Ceremony as I type, but that's only because I want to see these ladies perform:
Maybe this is a post of confessions, because what I need to follow this up with is that I saw Spice World. In the theater. It was the dollar theater, and I saw it more as a joke, but I saw it, and I was entertained. I'm not ever super into the Closing Ceremony and The Spice Girls got me to watch, at least for a few minutes, so props to them.

Now, my thoughts on the Olympics this year. It can be summed up in saying that I loved them as I always do. But here are my more specific thoughts/commentary/what have you:

  • I get the bind that NBC is in with delaying televising the events. It doesn't really bug me all that much as what else can they do?  What really bugs me is that sites like MSN and everywhere else post results, just out there. Like what--you can't put Click Here for Olympic Results, and then have people do that without spoiling it?  I had to go to great lengths to not get the Phelps/Lochte results.
  • I thought NBC's coverage was okay. Yes, the 1 hour devoted to Phelps was annoying but other than that I really like the little life stories they show in between covering the events. I wouldn't say the coverage was amazing only in that it was a little routine. I mean, I can't image the Olympics without Bob Costas but it wouldn't hurt to jazz it up a little. And Ryan Seacrest didn't quite jazz it up enough. He was fine, he just felt like Bob Costas--though I might say as a Seacrest fan that speaks to his versatility.  (My suggestion: Add a sideline reporter ala Erin Andrews. It would bring a different feel. My dad suggested someone funny like Kenny Mayne.  I think both are good.)  
  • Favorite parents:  I think my favorite parents are gymnast Aly Raisman's. I appreciated how nervous they got. And that I think her dad looks like David Strathairn, who I happen to love (River Wild or Sneakers, anyone?).

  • Sad moments:  I feel bad when people don't medal. Like when Tyson Gay didn't medal, Jordan Wieber didn't make the all-around, and the US men's gymnasts especially Jon Orozco. I just hate stuff like that. 
  • British moments:  I loved when Brits had their moments. My favorites were British men getting the Bronze in gymnastics, and Andy Murray winning Gold.
  • Speaking of medals, I don't like that it's all about winning the Gold medal. Any medal is something to be proud of. Just being there is something to be proud of. I also don't like how the press treated some of the athletes. Gabby Douglas' hair and Ryan Lochte's mom saying he has one night stands (which he and she corrected but got less attention) shouldn't be the focus. As Olympic athletes, they should all be respected and treated better. 
  • Favorites of the games:  
    • Lochte. I've become a big Lochte fan--grill and all. And if you haven't watched this yet, watch it:
    • The Fab 5 gymnasts.  I like all of them but I think my favorite is McKayla Maroney--her "not impressed" picture kills me. 
    • Tyson Gay and Jon Orozco. 
    • Really all of the US swimmers--Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Missy Franklin, Elizabeth Beisel, Matt Grevers, literally all of them. 
    • Even Hope Solo has grown on me. Not to favorite status, but I like her a little more.
Basically I am excited for The Winter Olympics. And Rio. I like that most of the swimmers will be back. I predict now that some of the stories will be Lochte being 32 and Adrian and Franklin. And last confession of the night: I realized I like swimming so much I'm going to start watching it more in between Olympics.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NY Med

My life this past week has basically been spent staying up late every night to watch the Olympics. I'm taking a break tonight as while I like Michael Phelps I didn't want to watch a one hour special on him in the middle of prime-time when they could have shown, I don't know, any other event. I will be doing an Olympic recap at the end but overall can say that I have enjoyed it.

Because of the Olympic watching I'm one week behind on a show that I really enjoy:

NY Med is a documentary tv series set in a few New York City hospitals that runs for like 8 episodes.  Each episode focuses on a few cases and you get to know the doctors and nurses of the hospitals.

Four years ago ABC started this with the series Hopkins (which took place at Johns Hopkins), then followed it up two years ago with Boston Med (in Boston hospitals), and now this.  I've loved all of them. This season is interesting in that Dr. Oz (as in Oprah) is on it. I actually don't like this aspect as much just in that some of it focuses on him being famous, though I've had some friends say they like it because you get to see him actually be a doctor. He isn't in that much of it either way. I'm not exactly sure why--it might be Dr. Oz or it might have been that Boston had really likable doctors and nurses to follow--but for whatever reason at this point Boston Med has been my favorite.  Either way I'm enjoying NY Med and will be sad when it is over.