Sunday, August 5, 2012

NY Med

My life this past week has basically been spent staying up late every night to watch the Olympics. I'm taking a break tonight as while I like Michael Phelps I didn't want to watch a one hour special on him in the middle of prime-time when they could have shown, I don't know, any other event. I will be doing an Olympic recap at the end but overall can say that I have enjoyed it.

Because of the Olympic watching I'm one week behind on a show that I really enjoy:

NY Med is a documentary tv series set in a few New York City hospitals that runs for like 8 episodes.  Each episode focuses on a few cases and you get to know the doctors and nurses of the hospitals.

Four years ago ABC started this with the series Hopkins (which took place at Johns Hopkins), then followed it up two years ago with Boston Med (in Boston hospitals), and now this.  I've loved all of them. This season is interesting in that Dr. Oz (as in Oprah) is on it. I actually don't like this aspect as much just in that some of it focuses on him being famous, though I've had some friends say they like it because you get to see him actually be a doctor. He isn't in that much of it either way. I'm not exactly sure why--it might be Dr. Oz or it might have been that Boston had really likable doctors and nurses to follow--but for whatever reason at this point Boston Med has been my favorite.  Either way I'm enjoying NY Med and will be sad when it is over.

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  1. You aren’t the only one that is going to be sad when it is over. I have two kids, work full time at Dish full time, and I just started Medical school over the summer. For the past few weeks NY Med has been so motivational for me. It is very refreshing seeing what life will potentially be like over the next few years. It fun seeing trials I will have to face as well as some of the bonds that I hope to forge. I have been watching Dr. Oz for months and I wouldn’t have had enough time in my day for another show if I wasn’t watching them with my Dish Remote Access app. I love NY Med!