Friday, October 9, 2009

A Glee-ful Fall

I've tried out several of the new Fall Offerings and I must say...I've found a few winners.  Loving new half hour comedies: Modern Family, Cougar Town and Community.  Enjoying girly, witchy drama Eastwick.  And absolutely LOVING The Good Wife (Carol Hathaway, Logan Huntzberger AND Dan Rydell?  TV Vets should unite more often!) But, the champion of the fall is by far Glee.  Glee is  my favorite new offering by any network for the past several seasons. 
The music!  The music!  The music!  Where else can you hear great renditions of Kanye's Goldigger, Salt n Pepas Push It, Queen's Somebody to Love, Journey's Don't Stop Believing, Rhianna's Take a Bow, Celine Dion's Taking Chances...and this week a pair of pretty excellent Mash Ups - Its My Life/Confessions and Halo/Walking on Sunshine.  Each week, I look forward to the music...far more so than the actual story...but, the story is genuinely quirky and funny.  Sometimes over-the-top, this band of amazingly talented mis-fits are loveable and weird all at once.
Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison are stand outs as the uber-talented, over achieving diva-dork, Rachel Berry (insert Gold Star here) and the high school Glee champ turned Glee Director Mr. Shuester, respectively.  Lea Michele was in Duncan Shieks Spring Awakening on Broadway, which just gave her mad props in she is obviously a singer, dancer - but - she is truly incredible.  I can't believe I get to hear her sing each week for free.  Matthew Morrison is from Broadway too - Tony nominated for A Light in the Piazza  - he's got a great voice - great moves and somehow makes it plausible that Mr. Shue could be so alarmingly in the dark about his own certifiably insane wife.  They aren't the only ones.  Amber Riley (this girls got pipes!), Kevin McHale and Chris Colfer  pretty regularly impress.  Jane Lynch brings the funny as the arch-nemesis of the Glee Club, the cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester.  Her dead pan delivery  and the characters generally offensive haughtiness make the storylines and quirkiness both funny and believable. And, hey  - Josh Groban has already done a hilarious cameo and Tony (and now) Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth has guest starred and performed with the Glee club. 

Its obvious I love it when I'm checking I Tunes to see if I can download the latest performances.  And happily, I can - and the show even releases full versions of the songs featured on the show - which just makes me love the show even more.  I am officially in love with this one. Yes, it has been a Glee-ful Fall and I'm looking forward to a Glee-ful Winter.

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