Friday, July 13, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman "Casts" an Enticing Web

I read a review on Rotten Tomatoes that started: "Spiderman goes all cutesy-pants on us" (Bob Grimm) - True. He meant it as a bad thing.  I think its a good thing.  In fact, cutesy-pants(a less frivolous term may be endearing) is probably why I loved it.

I love Andrew Garfield.  I love Emma Stone.  I love Martin Sheen.  I love Rhys Ifans.  I love Sally Field.  And I have come to love Denis Leary.  I also love C Thomas Howell and Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz, who have smaller roles in this one - yet I was still so happy to see them. The cast of Spiderman is a perfect mix of players for me.  I really enjoyed this movie.  The story is typical spiderman fare.  I'm not familiar at all with the comic book or the 'real' spiderman story - is Gwen Stacy part of that story?  I thought Mary Jane was his counterpart.  Not that it matters.  Andrew Garfield is funny, empathetic, angry - perfectly simmering and he has great chemistry with real life love Emma Stone.  There is something so soothing in Martin Sheens voice - I find him to be a really great choice for Uncle Ben.    The point is - I really love this cast.  This cast made me love Spiderman.  Great storytelling, great acting.  First time I actually felt this story.  Though the story was not strikingly different than the retells before it - it had a different villian and I just really, really enjoyed it more.  More emotional - I like it! This cast plus the amazing CGI effects in this movie - wowza- made this an unexpectedly enjoyable and enticing movie experience. 

Here's to cutesy-pants Andrew Garfield and this lovable cast!  Full price.  Big Screen.  Check and go to the showing in the biggest theater with the most upgraded sound.  Summer Movie Delight.

PS - couldn't do the typical movie poster pic - had to get the cast hi-lighted!