Monday, October 6, 2014

Music From A Work Day, Finale

A quick final recap of the music.

  • 28% of the artists were present on both day, but they accounted for 50% of the songs.
    • Pandora correctly identified artists I liked (or I did) and steered their music to me.
  • 60% of the artists were present only on the second day, but only 40% of the songs.
    • Pandora presented a wide range of artists at one song per pop.
  • The order of preference for style:  Comedy Song (35.19%), Radio-ish (31.48%), Folk-y and Musical (12.96% each) and Comedy Routine (7.41%)
    • No surprises here.
  • Radio-ish is the category with the most new stuff and with the most songs/artists from the first day that did not repeat.
    • Also worth noting:  I imagine this category has the widest selection of artist/song available
  • Comedy Song had the most artists/songs that appeared on both days.
  • Musicals were only on the second day, which is odd considering the channel was seeded with a musical and a comedy album.

I see that the things I listened all they way to or liked greatly influenced what I heard.  Comedy songs were steady, while I heard the greatest variety of Radio-ish songs.  I believe this is because those are the songs I would end early or dislike the most.  I still got a large number of them - but they were different as Pandora tried to figure out what I like.  It's odd that they were at all; I can only imagine that I selected a few as favorites early on and altered the underlying algorithm.

I don't know if any of that is interesting to anybody out there.  I just know that I find it interesting.

As I was trying to see how my music has changed, I started thinking about how our choices and behaviors online/on TV/on DVR/on our phones influences the things we see.  This led into a long couple days of web searches about the value of live advertising and how native advertising is influencing everything from ads to videos online to what shows are getting picked up every year on TV.  So I'll write about that next.

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  1. Interesting. Do you have a preference between the 2 days set lists? Would you prefer one mix over the other? I don't listen to Pandora or Spotify...ever. Just my satellite radio, and it doesn't think for me. :-(