Sunday, May 6, 2012

Basketball and The Voice

This week is the finale of The Voice. I confess that I have not been into Idol or any of the singing competition shows before so this is a first for me.  I was, in fact, one of the people who watched The Voice after the Super Bowl, was entertained, and kept watching.

A few weeks ago my brother wrote this on Facebook about the show:  "The Voice is a lot like March Madness. The first round is by far the most exciting with each round becoming less and less interesting." I'm pretty sure I hit the like button when I saw that he wrote this and did so for two reasons--1. it's funny and 2. it's true.  The most entertaining part of the show is when the Judges spin their chairs around. It's interesting to see the audition, which Judges turn around, who it's for, the bantering over which Judge should be picked, and then seeing who the singer picks.

What I have found is that while I agree with the statement, the show has still been interesting enough to keep me watching--even more so then happens with March Madness. I attribute this to many things...the singers themselves (I'm rooting for Tony Luca), the show format, Carson Daly (he's not quite Seacrest but he's quite good), and in particular, the judges. Adam and Blake alone are a reason to watch (see: the post below). CeeLo is quirky and I like him on it. And Christina--well, I don't think she's very likable (see: Tony Luca), and yet, it works for the show.

So the post-Super Bowl time slot got me to start watching the show, but the show is good enough to keep me watching. So good, in fact, that I'll be watching again next season. Well done, NBC.

The Voice Grade:  B+.

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