Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reality TV Love

I love reality shows - well a few of them. Not ALL of them - but, okay, a lot of them. When I finally got on the So You Think You Can Dance bandwagon in Season 2 - Summer TV became a thing I cherished. American Idol, Nashville Star, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, Survivor (sometimes), The Bachelor (I know why? why? why? - reality show love at its best - I'm still obsessed with Andy and Tessa, even if they have called off their engagement, and she didn't move to Hawaii - they ARE still together!), On the Lot, ROCK STAR (my favorite of ALL of them - sadly no longer in production) and the Biggest Loser - have all graced my DVR with fanaticism - favorite episodes saved for months or years - re-watching my favorite moments for days on end... I love me some reality TV.

There are only 2 things I love more than the shows themselves in reality world: Reunion Specials and Reality Show Love. Last night, to my delight, was an amazing combination of both. The Biggest Loser: Reunion show was a good reunion with a little reality "showmance" added in. I love The Biggest Loser. I love it primarily because watching it makes me think I've worked out - that I'm getting in shape with them. Somehow just by watching - I have actually found myself feeling healthier and in better shape. What a bonus! - drama, hook ups and a good work out. I tend to become a little obsessed with the big success stories - and always love a good follow up - especially when it includes making people weigh themselves on National TV - for no other reason than to appease curiosity - there is no money involved - they are stepping on the scale again, just for me. And again I feel better - knowing they all (but 1) put a little (or a lot) of weight back on - just like me - since the show has been off and I haven't been getting in my "work outs".

Everyone gained weight back (except for the girl from Season 1 -who lost more - but I didn't watch Season 1 - so she didn't count). I loved how they spun it and focused on how much weight they had "kept off". Even Eric, by far - the most transformed of any contestant - any season - losing more than 200 lbs on the RANCH gained back 50 lbs - but he still looked good and transformed and everything.

Alison Sweeney is the new host and while of course I'm a fan of Sami from Days of Our Lives, I thought Caroline Rhea was funny. Alison is coming off as awfully smiley and breaks into hysterical laughter WAY too often - she's got an overcompensating/nervous something going on. I like her okay - but am wondering what happened to Caroline - did she get too fat to be the host of a weight loss show? Did I just write that? I would love to hear her take on it - her sarcastic wit would be entertaining.

So, Marty and Amy, in love, started a company together, own a home together (info courtesy of the most recent PEOPLE magazine) - and now ENGAGED. I had no idea this was even brewing. It makes me want to go back to season 3 and re-watch to look for signs of possible affection. I hate when I miss it. I knew Suzy and Matt were happening - that was an easy call - and was thoroughly impressed by both the Today show proposal and the wedding spread. Now, thanks to the reunion special - we've met the first Biggest Loser offspring - Rex...and his parents who have gained back a good deal of the weight they lost...he,he,he. Just like me! All in all - a good night of catching up with my favorite "losers" and the ones they "love"!

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