Friday, June 8, 2012

MIB 3 aka Josh Brolin is fantasic

I saw Men in Black 3. I enjoyed the other two movies and this one fit right along with the other two.  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make for a great pair. Emma Thompson was funny in the 5 minutes she was in it. There were plot holes and other things but overall it was entertaining. A nice, popcorn summer movie.

What stood out is Josh Brolin. He was excellent as a young Tommy Lee Jones. From his voice to mannerisms, it was impressive. The movie seemed to pick up energy once he was on-screen. Don't get me wrong--he was very good in True Grit. And, of course, Goonies. I just never realized how good he really is. It's worth seeing this movie just to see him.

Men in Black 3:  Dollar Movie

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  1. Oh, I liked it more than a dollar movie - I say Matinee! Even though some of the alien stuff is just gross, Unrecognizable Jermaine Clement was awesome as the baddie.