Monday, June 4, 2012

Rating System and The Avengers

I need to explain how I rate movies. I don't do it by letters or by stars. I do it in terms of dollars and time.  The rating is as follows, from best to worst:  Full Price, Matinee, Dollar Movie, Redbox, Cable, Never.

Now that that is explained, I saw The Avengers.  And I loved it. It was a great all-around movie, and I was entertained from start to finish. I have never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other Joss Whedon show, but I have to say that I am slightly intrigued at he wrote a good script. It was funny, well paced, the acting was good, and it was well cast. This even includes casting Scarlett Johansson, who sometimes drives me crazy, but in this did not do so.

There was one flaw for me, which I can forgive but is still a flaw. There was a plot hole involving The Hulk. (Spoiler Alert) You have The Hulk chasing Scarlett Johansson around, trying to kill her as he can't control himself as The Hulk. Then suddenly he is able to control himself, helping save the world and Iron Man. All it would have taken was a little scene where someone talks to Bruce Banner and helps guide him on how to channel that energy.

I was also sad about one other thing. It's not a flaw, it just makes me sad. (Spoiler Alert) Clark Gregg died in it. He's popped up in Iron Man and all those little movies and I was sad that he died. In fact, I specifically sent a text to a friend following seeing it that said, "Saw Avengers. Loved it. Sad Clark Gregg died."

The Avengers:  Full Price


  1. Is there such thing as double full price? Meaning I would pay to see it twice? - that would be my rating. And the biggest draw of this movie - is amazing CGI - it is remarkable how the CGI Hult really looks like Mark Ruffalo. Plus - I maintain Robert Downey, Jr is one of the most watchable humans on the planet. I'm not a member of the Joss Whedon universe either - but enjoyed it so much - I have wondered if I should try something else he's written. Yay! Avengers!

  2. Excellent rating tool. I will adopt it for the 4 movies I see a year.