Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One for the Money--A Bad Movie

I like several Katherine Heigl movies, quite a bit in fact (27 Dresses and Life or Something Like It). One for the Money is not one of those movies. In fact, it is far from it. I saw it many weeks ago, in the theater. Now, I had read reviews that were not favorable and so the only reason that I saw it was because it was at the dollar theater and I had a gift card, which made it free. I was glad that I didn't spend money on it as it falls into a category that fits just that--see on cable only.

What made it so bad?  Katherine was not good in it.  She should have had a New Jersey accent and instead mostly had no accent with a hint of something in and out. The plot wasn't good. It just wasn't well made. Following the movie my friends and I had a discussion of the worst movies that we have ever seen. It didn't make the list but prompted the discussion, which should say something. The bright spot was Sherri Shepherd, who I happen to really like and was funny in it.  In deciding whether I suggest to never watch it or not, she pushed it to the cable movie.

One for the Money:  Cable Movie

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