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One Show - Two Views: Dancing With the Stars: All Stars

Rachel's View
 In general I'm a fan of All-Star reality TV shows. I think they're fun. I'm really a pro of the idea of DWTS All-Stars.  I think the potential is there for a great season.  What I'm really a pro of is the stars being re-paired with the pros they were with.

Here's why:

First and foremost is to see see the chemistry and camaraderie in the pairings. As my friend says, "You want to recreate the magic." And I guess that is true. I think a big part of the stars and show being so likable is due to relationships between the stars and their partners. It's a gamble to bring in the same stars and assume that that same rapport and chemistry will be there with another partner. You see it in the various seasons with pros--pros are more likable in some seasons based on who their partner is, what their partner brings out in them, and vice versa. Quite frankly, I don't want to find out what the relationship with a new partner would be. There have been a lot of great pairings, and I want to see those pairings again in All-Stars. Not all new ones. I'll see new ones the next time they bring on new stars.

Next, I'm a loyal person. I think it's weird for a viewer to have rooted, and possibly voted for, pairings, and then have those same people be split. Is it because I root for the pro?  This many seasons in I do have favorite pros (Maks and Tristan), but I don't just vote for a pro regardless of their partner (here's looking at you, Hope Solo). When you vote on-line you aren't just voting for the star--it's for the pairing. I think it will potentially be odd as a viewer. I think it could also potentially be odd for the pros and partners to not be working together, having spent so much time together previously and most likely having a strong bond as a result. That dynamic could throw off the vibe of the show. 

Finally, the show is about dancing.  For this season, I want to see the best dancing possible. You are going to see the best dancing in bringing together stars and pros who have danced together before. There is already a baseline both of having some dance experience and previously being partners. This will get the best dancing. 

Top 5 Dancers I want to return (factoring in that they will have the same pro, of course):  Gilles Marini, Mel B, Mario Lopez, Sabrina Bryan, and (this is a dream I know), Apollo Ohno.

Who I don't want to return:  Bristol Palin, Nicole Scherzinger

I am ultimately excited for DWTS All-Stars.  I will watch it even if they have all new pairings. And I will even watch if Bristol or Nicole is on.  

JED's View
 I am excited to have an All Stars version of this show - but I really don't think the All-Star celebs should be paired with their same DWTS pro.  File it under 'Been there. Done that."  There is typically an arc of growth and better dancing throughout each season that culminates with almost all the dances getting 3 10s or very near to it in the last few episodes.  If a contestant and their partner has reached perfection - I don't think it can be topped and creates far less of a challenge, far less interesting TV.  If the 'star' got eliminated unexpectedly early - that is another thing - if they haven't enjoyed the arc - I say it wasn't connecting and working anyway - because they got voted out early, so bring on someone different.  

There are obvious logistical hurdles in trying to pair the stars with their original dance pros - Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, Cheryl Burke, Kym Johnson, Maksim, Louis, Edyta, Tony... - each have danced with so many different partners across different seasons - that if they get 2 stars coming back that had the same pro - it just wouldn't be possible.  Also - there are some failed romances in the mix - that would just be a bad idea to bring together - Karina Smirnoff and Mario Lopez - Derek Hough Shannon Elizabeth...Reunited would NOT feel so good.

I also think that new pairings would make for better TV.  There is a curiosity about new matches - there is a reveal involved.  Was it the pro that made the celebrity good? Tricky choreography that hid the flaws of the celebrity? Or was the celebrity just a natural - and maybe the original pro should not get as much credit as they originally did.  There is something to not knowing how the chemistry will be - and if they really became good dancers or not.  It makes for a stronger more equal competition.  I thought for a bit that I might be in favor of having both options - some with their originals and some with the new pros - specifically to give new professionals a chance to be involved and to solve the logistical problems - but I'm not.  I don't think that would be fair to have some with the familiar pro and some not.  I want to see them all challenged.  I want to see them all on as equal footing as possible - and that means all new pairings. It will make for a good show and great TV.  And I do so love a good show.  New Star/Pro pairings, in my view: Its a MUST!

I had the hardest time - picking my 5 star wish list - so I have my list plus some honorable mentions.  My returning star wish list:  Kelly Osbourne, Stacy Keibler, Rob Kardashian, Mario Lopez and because she got voted out WAY too soon this season - Sherry Shepherd.  Honorable mention wish list: Evan Lycasek, Gilles Marini, Jennie Garth, Lisa Rinna, Joey Lawrence and because I just always wanted to see her with a taller pro - last seasons amazing Kathryn Jenkins

Please no: Nicole Scherzinger, Hines Ward, Brooke Burke, Shawn Johnson, or I'm sorry to say Jerry Rice.

PS: I just read Rachels view and list - and I have to say Mel B would make my Wish lists - I'm just not sure who I would bump to honorable mention.

PPS:  Whats your view?

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